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Adobe Lightroom: Beginner to Expert
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As Winter sets in over the vast landscape of Yellowstone, nights become shorter, the air colder and the World’s First National Park becomes a place of inspiration for photographers. The landscape is a quiet tapestry of white, covered in blankets of deep powdery snow with its forests of lodgepole pine decorated in icy patterns of rime frost. Yellowstone’s winter solitude is however, very alive with wildlife as Fox leap through the powder for hidden rodents and massive Elk wander the winter wilds. Bison are everywhere and can be seen tossing snow aside with their enormous heads, acting as shovels to access buried grasses below, the hot air of their breath steaming in the frosty air. Wolves play on the stark, white snowfields and are much easier to spot against the white backdrop as are most species of wildlife.

Our seven-day lodge based excursion into this magical, almost otherworldly landscape will give you the best chance to explore and photograph Yellowstone. Backcountry Journeys offers a fine-tuned and well-practiced itinerary, great lodging and delicious meals to accentuate your visit to Yellowstone in the Winter. Our private snow coach allows us access to areas of the park that are otherwise snowed-in for the winter and inaccessible to the public.

Unlike the majority of the year when tour buses ply the Grand Loop, Yellowstone during winter only sees about ten percent of the park’s yearly visitation. It truly is a world of quiet, cold isolation and features a rare winter beauty not seen elsewhere. Sunrises of pink & orange light up the sparkling snowpack as steam rises through the cold morning air from aquamarine hot pools. Fumaroles hiss and roar, while Geysers bubble and erupt, splashing scalding water into the wintery sky that begins to freeze almost instantly.

Backcountry Journeys has been traveling and photographing inside Yellowstone National Park for over 15 years. This hand-picked itinerary was designed to provide the most intriguing, all-encompassing and memorable way to not only photography Yellowstone in the winter but to truly experience the uniqueness of this place. You will be in the right place at the right time to ensure your experience is second to none.

The Photographic opportunities on this trip are unparalleled using our private snow coaches to travel deep into the park’s interior where others aren’t able to go in the winter. We’ll photograph iconic spots such as Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon, Hayden Valley and the Upper Geyser Basin, which alone contains nearly one quarter of the world’s geysers. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph a misty Old Faithful (without the crowds) and Grand Prismatic, one of the most picturesque and powerful thermal features in the park. After long, but productive days in the field you’ll head into warm, cozy lodges to relax by the fire and review your days photography with your group.

You’ll leave this seven-day trip with an impressive collection of unique images and a wealth of experience. There really aren’t many experiences as unique as visiting Yellowstone during the winter months. Join us this winter for the trip of a lifetime. Come Photograph Yellowstone’s Winter Wonderland with one of our knowledgeable guides and see a side of the park you’ve never experienced before.

Adobe Lightroom: Beginner to Expert

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  • Learn Every Tool
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Regular Updates
  • Interactive Course – Ask Questions!
  • Taught by one of our exceptional photo pros
  • The only Lightroom course you will ever need
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Basic computer skills
  • Personal laptop
  • The latest version of Lightroom Classic installed on your PC or Mac
For more information on this course, please give us a call Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm Mountain Time: 928-478-1521.
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What You Will Learn
  • How to import, manage and catalog your images like a pro
  • Beginner to Expert image editing techniques
  • Professional sharpening and noise reduction techniques
  • Use masking and adjustment brush for powerful localized image edits
  • The power and efficiency of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How to create seamless panoramas
  • How to create HDR images in Lightroom
  • How to blend multiple exposures manually
  • Understanding levels, curves & historgram
  • Understanding file types and how to use them
  • Spot removal, image cloning & healing techniques
  • Lightroom vs Photoshop and when to use one or the other
  • Learn the functions & use of every Lightroom tool in the library & develop module
Course Contents
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • The Lightroom Catalog System
  • Importing photos & catalog management
  • The Library Module
  • The Develop Module
  • Exporting Photos for Web and Print
  • Start-to-Finish Editing Examples in the Develop Module
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  • Adobe Lightroom Course

    I attended the Lightroom course and loved it! Matt is so knowledgeable about Lightroom/Photoshop. His presentation and slides were very helpful to explain what every button, slide and brush can do. It was so helpful to get great explanations and hands on experience. I feel much more confident using Lightroom, and my photos are looking much better because of this class. I just entered my first photography contest because of the confidence after this class. I can’t thank Backcountry Journeys enough for putting this together! I highly recommend attending a Lightroom/Photoshop class when it is offered.

    Karla W.
    Madison, WI

  • Adobe Lightroom Course

    These guys are great and they really know Lightroom. I’ve been using the software for years but working with the Backcountry Journeys course I’ve learned a lot. If you are looking to improve your Photo Editing – this is the course for it. My workflow makes more sense and I’ve definitely become a better photographer!

    John R.
    Dallas, TX

We’re so confident you’ll become a Lightroom Wizard after this course – we GUARANTEE your photo editing skills will improve dramatically! If you aren’t completely satisfied after completing your course we are offering a 30 day, 100% money back  guarantee. How’s that for a win-win. Sign-up today and unlock your creative potential!
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